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Welcome to Terawatt AB, where

quality and safety are at the core!

About us

Terawatt AB was formally established as an independent company in 2022, but Terawatt's journey in the solar energy industry has been long and passionate. The company was founded by visionaries with a commitment to providing sustainable energy solutions. Over time, we have been dedicated to driving the advancement of solar technology and promoting the use of renewable energy.

Our goal is clear: to deliver high-quality and secure energy solutions that make a real difference both for your wallet and the environment. We are strongly committed to safety and ensure that every aspect of our operations adheres to the highest standards. Our dedication also extends to ensuring the utmost customer satisfaction.

We collaborate with both local and European suppliers to ensure that our solutions are not only effective but also support the European and Swedish economies as well as sustainability goals.

solnedgång solenergi förnybar energi

Our story

We, the brothers Ihab and Thamer Zueiter, are the passionate founders of Terawatt. Over the years, we have gathered valuable experience in solar energy and customer relations. We take pride in offering innovative solar power solutions that convert the sun's energy into electricity.

Our main goal is to make solar energy accessible and easy for people to use in their homes and businesses while actively contributing to reducing our impact on the climate. With us, customers receive personalized service and assurance when they choose us as their solar cell partners.

At Terawatt AB, we have a deep understanding of both the solar energy and roofing industries. Our work philosophy is built on safety, precision, and professional pride. Before we start a project, we make careful assessments of the condition and suitability of the roof or ground. We involve competent roofers and technical specialists to ensure that we can recommend the very best solution for each specific roof or ground.

We always keep the customer in the center. Every step in our process considers factors like location, aesthetics, and conditions. Our strongest asset is our knowledgeable team with extensive experience in solar panel installations and customer service. If you are ready to begin your journey with solar panels with us and get to know us better, you are warmly welcome to get in touch. We look forward to being your partner in the world of solar energy!

Meet the team

Thamer is a co-founder of Terawatt AB and is also an experienced Project Engineer in the green energy industry. His expertise and dedication have played a crucial role in solidifying Terawatt AB's position and establishing the company as a pioneer in the transition to renewable energy. In addition to his business ventures, he is also a skilled sound engineer and an avid traveler. His passion for music provides him with a creative escape, while his travels grant him a deeper understanding of the world. Thamer is a versatile and curious individual who follows his passions both within and outside the business world.



Terawatt medgrundare
Terawatt medgrundare

Ihab, co-founder of Terawatt AB, saw it as an opportunity to combine his technical expertise to promote the environment and contribute to sustainable energy solutions. He has played a central role in organizing and leading projects within Terawatt AB, and his passion for sustainability has actively contributed to shaping the company's focus towards this goal. With his keen attention to detail, he ensures that projects are executed meticulously and efficiently. Beyond his work, Ihab has a strong interest in Formula 1, which he views as an example of effective teamwork and strategic thinking. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, and family life is an integral part of his life.



Meet Logan, our skilled Account Manager, also known as "The Fixer." He combines his strong passion for the outdoors with impressive sales skills. He has an ability to question "why" that drives him in his work and builds strong relationships with our customers. For Logan, it's the sense of community that makes him love being a part of our team. When he's not dreaming about Canada, he spends his extra hour each day creating music. And yes, he is convinced that Jack could have fit on the door with Rose in 'Titanic' - of course!


Account Manager

Terawatt senior projektledare

Our partners

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