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Full-service provider for Solarstone®


Solar Carport Modern™

Made by Solarstone®

Power your home and charge your electric vehicle with a single first-class investment! Solarstone®’s Solar Carport produces electricity for self-consumption and enables you to sell any surplus energy back to the grid. The carport’s building-integrated solar panels are resource efficient, aesthetically pleasing and watertight. Decades of electricity generation and vehicle protection are yours to enjoy - all this from a carport that ultimately pays for itself.


Solar Full Roof

Made by Solarstone®

Embrace the synergy of style and sustainability with Solar Full Roof™.  By seamlessly integrating advanced solar technology into the architecture of your home, this solution transcends conventional rooftop installations. With
Click-On® technology, the Solar Full Roof not only preserves the original aesthetic appeal of your house but also drives down the cost of separate installations.

Experience the marvel of this two-in-one powerhouse as it lights up your home and your savings.



Solar Tiled Roof™

Made by Solarstone®

Invest in your future with the Solar Tiled Roof™, which provides significant energy cost savings and reduces your carbon footprint. This product is optimized for efficiency, resulting in lower installation costs and minimal disruptions - all while offering a sustainable solar roofing solution that lasts for decades.


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