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4 Simple steps to start providing support service with Terawatt 

Reduce you solar power system payback time to 3-4 years! We assist you through the entire process. Contact us today!

Interested in learning more about support services? Read our frequently asked questions here.

Support services


Step 1


Step 2



Step 3

Installation & configuration


Step 4

Generate income


Together, we conduct a thorough evaluation to determine if you meet the requirements to provide support services. Then, we send a comprehensive quote with a profitability calculation based on your circumstances.

After you have reviewed and approved the quote, we initiate the project planning process. We will also be responsible for purchasing all necessary materials and services.

Once all the materials are in place, our technicians install the components and configure the system for revenue generation.

The process is now complete, and all you need to do is await your monthly income!


Payback Time is based on 30 panels and a 10.24 kW battery output. This calculation is based on market prices that have been in effect from 2020 up to the present. It's important to remember that market prices can fluctuate, and this calculation reflects historical returns. Compensation increases in line with the system's capacity, meaning a 10 kW system generates twice as much revenue as a 5 kW system.

Frequently asked questions about support services

1. What are support services?
Support services are a collection of essential actions and solutions in the electrical industry aimed at ensuring smooth and reliable operation of the electrical system. These services focus on balancing electricity supply and demand and addressing fluctuations and challenges in the electrical grid.

2. What resources are used in support services?
A central aspect of support services is the use of flexible energy resources. These can include batteries, electric vehicle charging, and heat pumps. These resources can store and deliver electricity as needed and be used to balance the load on the electrical grid.


3. How do support services help reduce peak loads and the risk of electrical crises?
By storing surplus electricity from renewable energy sources during periods of low demand and releasing it when demand is higher, support services help reduce peak loads and minimize the risk of electrical crises.


4. What does smart control of energy resources within support services entail?
Smart control of energy resources involves using advanced techniques and algorithms to optimize the use of these resources. This includes participating in energy markets to take advantage of fluctuations in electricity prices and generate economic value for resource owners.

5. Why are support services particularly important in the transition to renewable energy?
Support services are becoming increasingly important as the use of renewable energy accelerates. Solar and wind power depend on weather conditions and can be intermittent. By using support services, including solutions that combine solar and wind power with battery storage and hydrogen, it's possible to effectively integrate these renewable energy sources into the electrical system and ensure its stability and reliability.


In summary, support services are a key component in promoting sustainable and reliable electricity production and distribution. By using flexible resources and advanced control, electrical grids can meet the growing demand for clean energy while maintaining a stable power supply.

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